Texas Messes With the Rest of Us

The Lone Star State has contributed more grief and trouble to the U.S. than any other state.

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So the Dallas Cowboys lost to the Denver Broncos late in the game Sunday. Well, good.

That's the least Texas can do for sending Ted Cruz to plague the Senate. Yes, for me, Texas, football, politics and even the decadent Roman Empire are all cosmically connected. The Cowboys play in a sacred space so excessive that you can almost see it as a Roman ruin.

Cruz will help get us to that stage in history faster. He's the man – the freshman – who's done more than anyone to shutter the federal government.  He's the one who calls the Senate Majority Leader "Harry Reid" on the floor, breaking a protocol that bars the use of names. It may seem like a small thing, but not when you hear the venom in Cruz's voice when he snarls at Reid – and of course, when he runs down President Obama and his signature health care law.

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At Princeton, where Cruz was a student, he had a reputation for being surly and rough, but that was just juvenilia. Now the tea party leader in the Senate is egging on House Republicans to hold on and keep the government closed. Never mind the greater good of the country, men, we have a president on the ropes.

Or something like that. The war on Obamacare is just a strategy to take down Obama. Remember that.

And remember this: Not all states are created equal. Some are lucky to belong to the United States. One state the size of Texas has contributed far more grief and trouble than any and that's you, Texas. Not so long ago, George W. Bush dismantled peace and prosperity as he started wars abroad and a police state here at home.

Texas is also the state where a good president was murdered 50 years ago this fall. Sorry, it all adds up after a while. With his truculence, Cruz only subtracts further from the Lone Star state's national standing.

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