Bonnie Erbe

March 2008

4,000 Dead in Iraq Underscores GOP and Democratic Approaches to War

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Contrasting mental images. Think of a blond beauty. Think of a roadside bomb in Iraq claiming the lives of four U.S. soldiers. What do they have in common?

The U.S. war effort in Iraq. As yesterday marked five years since former POW Jessica Lynch was captured in Iraq, news broke that the American ...

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Iraq war (2003-2011)
2008 presidential election
Democratic Party
Republican Party
McCain, John

Salmon Depletion Is a Bad Omen

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For those of us who hate to succumb to stories of environmental doom and gloom, there's a situation brewing out west that gives doom-and-gloomers new credibility and new reason to howl. The headline:

The largest salmon run in the largest estuary on this hemisphere's Pacific Coast has ...

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