Bonnie Erbe

February 2007

Art Imitates Politics

Helen Mirren's Best Actress Oscar this week catapults "mature" female leads to a lofty new perch. Mirren was not the only 50-plus actress to be nominated–Mirren is 61–she was one of three women over 50 among five nominees. The others included 57-year-old Meryl Streep, who played the Cruella De Vil ...

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Housework: The Last Frontier

British philosopher John Stuart Mill is widely recognized as the "father" of the women's movement in the mid-19th century. His essay "In the Subjection of Women" compared the legal status of women to that of slaves and argued for equality in marriage and under the law. American suffragists learned ...

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Go, Girls! I Guess ...

New federal data show women gaining on men in the job market, but it's not necessarily good news for either gender. Between 2000 and 2005, "Women took on slightly more than half of U.S. jobs created in the first part of the decade and made gains in securing the most lucrative openings. Women ...

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Which Party Is More for the Troops?

The Democrats have spent the better part of four decades trying to overcome their antitroop image. One would think, just might think, that the party whose members are huddling this week to "plot strategy on their next move, which will be seeking to restrict some of Bush's Iraq war spending by ...

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Edwards Bloggers' Vulgarity Buried the Message

This week the Planned Parenthood Federation of America held a nationwide "Day of Action" to push passage of local and federal laws giving poor women access to family planning services. Every moderate with a stake in the abortion debate agrees that pregnancy prevention is preferable to unwanted ...

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Edwards Bloggers' Message Was Missed

It's too bad the brash-mouthed babes of John Edwards's campaign blog resorted to gutter-speak to make their points. Their points were lost in the netherworld of right- and left-wing truculence and in the jousting, jabbing, and parrying so prominent in today's nonstop news cycle. It's too bad ...

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The V-Day Wars

Geez, and I thought V-Day was for chocolates and roses. How naive!!! It's for V-Day wars–you know, wars between "radical feminists" (at least that's what the conservative Independent Women's Forum calls them) and "radical right-wing women" (for lack of a shorter moniker).

What is V-Day? you might ...

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Harvard Drops a Barrier

If Harvard does as expected and appoints its first female president this weekend, there will be few groundbreaking "firsts" American women have left to achieve in the political, academic, or corporate worlds.

A female Senate majority leader? Not yet, but Speaker Nancy Pelosi exploded onto the ...

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A Less Colorblind Valentine's Day

This Valentine's Day a counterintuitive study tells us interracial marriage is on the decline. I say "counterintuitive" because interracial couples are hardly the rarity they were in the '60s and gen X-ers are rumored to not see race in the same way their forebears did. Legend has it, anyway, that ...

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Is President Bush Irrelevant Yet?

The president's exceedingly low standing among the American public would probably bottom out and perhaps even rise a bit if he would stop, er, prevaricating. I was reminded how easily untruths seem to roll (perhaps spin) off his tongue this weekend when he graciously met with "the enemy" (to wit,

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Redefining 'Whore' on the Hill?

If you bother to take a gander at either of the two "inflammatory" cards variously cited online for lighting the conflagration between Loretta Sanchez and Congressional Hispanic Caucus Chair Rep. Joe Baca, you'll see they are no big deal. While they are certainly sexier than material associated ...

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