Bonnie Erbe

December 2006

Pope Benedict's Worry

Pope Benedict's Christmas message was one of great import no matter one's spiritual bent. He beseeched 10,000 followers in St. Peter's Square not to allow technology to trump theology. "Mankind, which has reached other planets and unraveled many of nature's secrets, should not presume it can live ...

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HRT Theory: Animals Bite Back

I have a theory: Animals bite back. When humans consume animals or use them to create drugs, there is almost always a boomerang-like response. And it's not good for humans.

In the case of meat, for instance, people who eat a lot of red meat are more prone to cholesterol issues, high blood pressure,

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If You're Still on HRT, Think Again

If ever there were a flashing red sign signaling postmenopausal women to get off HRT, this is one. The medical community is shocked and thrilled by new data showing that breast-cancer rates plummeted an unexpected 7 percent in 2003.

The only plausible explanation for this decline is that millions of ...

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Most Could Afford Catastrophic Health Coverage

A top issue for Congress next year is healthcare accessibility. But a little-known fact about healthcare is that many Americans who lack healthcare could afford coverage–at least for the most expensive illnesses––and choose not to have it.

According to the website, "In 2004, minimum ...

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Obama: Good Guy; Can't Win

Give Obama a rest! If Sen. Barack Obama of Illinois is the Great White–er, Brown–Hope of the Democratic Party, the party's in bigger trouble than it was when it nominated Al Gore and John Kerry (two inevitable losers) for president in 2000 and 2004.

Don't get me wrong. I'm an Obama fan. I like the ...

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The Deadly Mix of Models and Anorexia

There's only one way to get the fashion tyrants to stop parading Auschwitz-thin models down runways. That's for young women to reject them as role models. Stop buying the clothes they peddle. Understand that a sales pitch is designed to put the other guy's hand in your pocket and that it's a lead ...

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Case in Point: House Conservatives Didn't Get It

Geez! Talk about being stuck in the Wayback Machine. House conservatives must have slept through the November elections and their aftermath. Otherwise, why would they be foisting the carnival-like spectacle of a sure-to-die wedge issue bill on a nation so thoroughly bored with wedge issue politics?

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Wounded Women Warriors

All of a sudden media outlets are zeroing in on women warriors in Iraq. An Associated Press article called "Women Warriors Succeed in Iraq" made the rounds this weekend.

A freelance producer friend has just been hired to produce a network documentary on the topic and tells me there are a couple more ...

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More Evidence of the Opt-Out Delusion

More evidence of the gossamer (some would say fictitious) nature of the so-called Opt-Out Revolution. Highly educated, affluent women are not permanently fleeing careers for the home front when they have children. They are instead taking temporary breaks when their children are very young but going ...

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