Bonnie Erbe

September 2006

Blackmail or threat?

No sooner does retired Supreme Court Justice Sandra Day O'Connor launch her much-needed campaign against threats to judicial independence and immunity than I receive an E-blast from Concerned Women for America. The E-mail led me to a website with the headline "End Judicial Blackmail". "Judicial ...

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Let them eat fat! (but not trans fat)

Bold move or Nanny Culture? New York City's Health Department wants to ban artificial or so-called trans fats from use by NYC restaurants and other "food service establishments." All those guys on street corners with hot dog and bagel standards better give their ingredients another look-see.

After a ...

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Release the whole NIE or admit its truth, Mr. Bush

Tell me something I don't know. Three major newspapers reported over the weekend that a classified National Intelligence Estimate written five months ago shows Islamic radicalism is flowering worldwide. And we planted the seed that gave rise to this boomerang of a crop by invading Iraq. An NIE is a ...

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Senator Allen's foot-in-mouth disease

That Sen. George Allen–he just can't do enough to alienate various ethnic and religious constituencies, can he? I mean, if you sat there and tried to dream up ways to offend Jews, who prior to this week really didn't pay much attention to Allen or to his religious background, you could not have ...

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Party switchers

What goes up must come down. In national politics, what shifts right must reverse and head back left, or so it seems. For the past dozen years, all marquee politicians who switched parties headed right–deserting the Democratic Party for an enlarging GOP tent. Is the pendulum now swinging in the ...

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IRS and religious left tread on sacred ground

Pity the poor religious right! It's being attacked by two sets of sinners: the religious left (yes, there is one) and the IRS.

Today in Washington, D.C., "Red Letter Christians," the self-described "Leading Voices of the Progressive Christian Movement," announced a national campaign to mobilize ...

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GOP slams Pelosi even when she agrees with Cheney

Is the impeccably groomed, stately looking, self-described "mother of five and grandmother of five" scaring Republican congressional leaders, or are they having a hard time getting their "groove" on while they learn to deal with a spitfire of a female opposition leader?

Some are crying "gender ...

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Death gap

It's held true ever since birth stopped being a death sentence for an unacceptable percentage of American mothers that women have outlived men in this country. With newer studies tracking not just gender age gaps but racial gaps as well, we find that women of some races outlive men of other races ...

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War moms?

In my last entry, I talked about the president's reversal on al Qaeda, with Mr. Bush now saying we've denuded the group to the point where it is no longer the world's greatest terrorist threat. Instead, he says smaller, more agile terrorist groups are the target of our war on terrorism.

While Bush ...

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Despite the PR, the threat remains

Ah, we have a new counterterrorism strategy, I see. Could this, the cynic in me asks, have anything to do with the November elections? Our commander in chief is on the stump, trying to redirect Americans' attention toward what a great job he and his administration have done protecting us from ...

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Katrina recovery needs additional focus

Several "posts" ago I wrote about one of the odd yet fascinating aspects of post-Katrina New Orleans: the gender imbalance the storm left behind. It appears that twice as many young, single women with children left New Orleans, for good, as young, single men. Why? Lack of housing and employment for ...

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Risky business--GOP touts national security

President Bush's five-speech effort to revive support for his failing military effort in Iraq and more important, to bolster Republicans'chances in the midterm elections, is quite the gamble. With members of Congress in many parts of the country treating Bush like a fowl carrying birdflu, the ...

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