Bonnie Erbe

June 2006

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Geez, those abortion-rights folks just won't give it up. Even though EvangelAmerica (sic) is close to overturning Roe v. Wade and seems determined to outlaw abortion, those pesky pro-choicers keep finding "ways around."

The latest is free emergency contraception, or EC, for the women of Colorado. If ...

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Title IX and single-sex education

Other Title IX changes: When you think "Title IX," you think women's sports. But the imbroglio over changes to the law involves much more.

The Bush administration is also pondering adjustments to the federal role in single-sex education, a change that could permit public schools to set up entire ...

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Title IX politics

Friday, June 23, marked the 34th anniversary of Title IX. OK, so it's not a bellwether number like 25 or even 35. But it's still worth noting on this particular anniversary, Title IX is a shadow of its former self–a landmark law that, like an athlete going into retirement, has lost a lot of muscle.

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The "manny" revolution

What's a "manny"? you might ask. Remember nannies? Now it's mannies. Celebrity mom Britney Spears is making headlines with her new male nanny, Perry Taylor. But she's not alone.

The New York Daily News reports New York moms have been hiring male nannies for years. Yes, New York moms, like New ...

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Pre-pregnant, pregnant, or retired

By 2010, the Bush administration's Department of Health and Human Services wants all new mothers to be breast-feeding for at least the first six months. Six months of breast-feeding is a tough proposition for the majority of working new moms because fewer than one third of companies have a private ...

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"Born to be Breast-fed"

The federal government's "Born to be Breast-fed" campaign is sparking controversy even as it winds down. Click here and prepare to be reviled. You'll see one of several public service television announcements prepared under the auspices of the Bush administration's Department of Health and Human ...

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Male affirmative action?

Gone are the days when many women went to college primarily to get an "M.R.S." Even if those days had not vanished due to a change in women's choices (to launch careers rather than to go to college to find husbands), they have been outmoded by women's abundant success in academe. Recent studies ...

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Take off the rose-colored glasses, guys

Boy, what an optimistic Bushonomics bunch. I sure wish I could taste whatever they put in their coffee each morning. It must trump any mood elevator divined by the drug industry.

Take, for instance, these remarks from Randal Quarles, the under secretary for domestic finance at the Treasury ...

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A ban on gay marriage, Mr. President? Get real

Let's see. We have a war in Iraq we're losing, with reports of sectarian violence reducing parts of the country to states of anarchy.

We have oil prices soaring and a nuclear standoff with major oil producer Iran. We have rising interest rates, a slowing economy, a billowing federal debt, a sagging ...

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AIDS turns 25, and its face turns female

On the last day of a United Nations conference on AIDS this week, American first lady Laura Bush proposed a global annual HIV testing day modeled on a U.S. campaign.

"Here in the United States, June 27 is recognized as National HIV Testing Day," Bush told the meeting. "The United States will soon ...

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