Shirley Sherrod Shouldn't Overshadow Financial Reform

Wouldn’t you rather have your president working on things that impact your life?


As I write this story, “Shirley Sherrod” is the most popular U.S. story on Google News and this is what I cannot stand, or understand, about new media.

A good woman, and Agriculture Department employee, makes a speech five months ago. A video of her speech is edited to make it look as if she made racially-insensitive remarks, which she did not, and after being posted online by a right wing blogger it goes viral. First she gets fired, then the president steps in and apologizes to her in a phone call Thursday. The whole affair goes global, as if little of real substance is happening in U.S. politics today. The only person, in my humble opinion, who truly benefits is the blogger who is now a household name. For the sake of not spreading his name any farther than it has already gone, I will not rename him herewith.

Who cares? I guess in a very minor way it’s interesting that the president became personally embroiled in the controversy. But wouldn’t you rather have your president working on things that impact your life? I would, and that stands even if I don’t agree with his politics on many issues.

President Obama on Wednesday signed the most comprehensive financial regulatory system overhaul since the Great Depression. I’ve studied up on some of what’s in the new law. I’d like to learn more. Instead, I’m spending my time and yours writing about Shirley Sherrod. Welcome to new media.

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