Carly Fiorina's Big Mouth Could Cost Her a Senate Seat

If Ms. Fiorina keeps it up, Barbara Boxer will waltz to victory in November.

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By Bonnie Erbe, Thomas Jefferson Street blog

It’s so sad when the first post-primary story about one high-profile woman running against another for a U.S. Senate seat has to devolve into this. Carly Fiorina, no stranger to open microphones, has done it again, this time disparaging, of all things, longtime Democratic Sen. Barbara Boxer’s hair.

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In the above video, Fiorina, who just this week clinched the GOP nomination to challenge Boxer in November, is caught telling a makeup artist just what she thinks of Boxer’s hairdo. And it ain’t pretty. I remember thinking when Fiorina decided to jump into the race, that I hoped she’d gone to “open microphone” camp. The poor woman has a propensity to say the most self-destructive things ever, on camera and off. She was eventually booted from Sen. John McCain's presidential campaign for being, well, too honest during live interviews. According to the First Post:

The host asked Fiorina … whether she thought McCain's Republican running-mate Sarah Palin had the experience to run a major company like Hewlett-Packard. To which Fiorina replied: "No, I don't. That's not what she is running for."

She might have got away with it if she had stopped there. But in a later television interview, when asked about her Palin comment, she said: "Well, I don't think John McCain could run a major corporation."

Five different polls taken in May showed Boxer running ahead of Fiorina by six to nine points. If Ms. Fiorina keeps it up (and that’s a big if) Barbara Boxer will waltz to victory in November.

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