Oil Spill Undermines Obama's Risky Offshore Drilling Policy

The BP spill has already made a dent in the process of approving future offshore drilling for oil.

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By Bonnie Erbe, Thomas Jefferson Street blog

A couple of weeks ago I posted here that the Vatican's most vocal enemy could not possibly have done a better job of discrediting the Catholic Church than the Pope himself, who is acting as if it's still the Middle Ages and there is no such thing as the priest pedophilia scandal.

Well now the same can be said of BP and offshore oil rigs. The timing of BP's environmental disaster in the Gulf of Mexico at the Deepwater Horizon drilling rig couldn't be better to bolster the validity of claims by environmentalists that offshore drilling is a calamity waiting to happen. Is this example worth the environmental damage is it doing and will continue to do for some time? Of course not! But it already has made a dent in the process of approving future offshore drilling for oil. According to the Washington Post:

Obama's announcement last month (now put on hold) that he planned to allow oil exploration and drilling along vast new offshore areas began a long process that requires public input, permitting and other steps.

But the huge plume of oil floating toward the shoreline--and the prospect of images of wildlife covered with crude--have made it crucial for the White House to show it is not rushing forward. The spill started washing ashore in Louisiana late Thursday, and is threatening the environmentally sensitive coastlines of five different states.