Palin-Bachmann in 2012? Don't Be Surprised

A cultural backlash against Barack Obama could spur a female, conservative, GOP ticket.

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By Bonnie Erbe, Thomas Jefferson Street blog

The GOP's two best-known conservative women appeared in tandem at a Midwest rally this week for the one of them who is running for re-election. Sarah Palin and Michele Bachmann, of Minnesota, appeared together at a Wednesday rally and the Kansas City Star's website called the event a winner for Bachmann's re-election campaign. I saw her on CNN today and she said she's in a tough race, so this should have been a big help to her. According to the Star:

You can't get much better than throwing Sarah Palin and Michele Bachmann together if your aim is to get people excited about "taking back America." Whatever that means. Their pro-Republican rally Wednesday in Minneapolis was a made-for-TV stunt that worked. It got great attention for Bachmann, letting her soak up some of the adulation normally thrown Palin's way. And Palin got to reaffirm her tea party credentials with the good, conservative people of Minnesota. Everybody's a winner!

Bachmann boldly predicted that President Obama will be a one-termer and that Americans will elect a "rock-ribbed" conservative in response to the Obama presidency. The question is, will that rock-ribber be Palin herself, with Bachmann as her running mate:

It was one of those "no harm, no foul" political events that--if repeated enough in the future--could make this a good team for Republicans to take on the road in 2012. Think that's possible?

That's a problem for the Democrats I predicted when they nominated then-Senator Obama to run as their candidate. I blogged on these pages during the '08 campaign that electing an African-American liberal to the highest office would provoke a cultural backlash by low- and middle-income whites. So far, the Tea Party's escapades have proven that point, including the outrage-filled protests against the president's key legislative win, healthcare reform. I had hoped to be wrong and continue to hope so. But at this moment in time, it looks as though I was right.

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