Scott Brown For President? Only If Republicans Don’t Mess It Up

He could be the next Republican hopeful, if the GOP lets him stay moderate.

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By Bonnie Erbe, ThomasJefferson Street blog 

Scott Brown will have a lot of "'splainin'" to do (in the infamous words of Ricky Ricardo) now that he's been sworn into the U.S. Senate. He's a moderate Republican, an almost-dead wing of the GOP, my hope is party leaders won't crush him, pulverize him and stuff him into the right wing mold. 

He's already announced to the world he's pro-choice, and carefully campaigned as a non-partisan Republican. In that respect, and one or two others, he's kind of like President Obama's GOP twin. The difference is, however, President Obama is the leader of his party and Sen. Brown is a very junior member of his.

Will they stick him with unimportant committee assignments? Will they withhold campaign contributions when he runs for a full term? Those are the signals to watch. If they're smart, they'll groom him as a rising star. If they're really smart, they'll add him to their not weak but empty bench of presidential aspirants

Before President Obama's 2008 win, it was almost unheard of for someone to run for president with a mere two years in the Senate. In 2012, Scott Brown will have just as much experience to be commander-in-chief as Sen. Obama had when he ran for national office. So in that sense, President Obama cleared the trail for other neophyte politicians to run legitimate presidential campaigns.

A mainstream Republican who drives a pickup truck? If he finesses things with the religious right, he could have a sterling future in American politics..

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