A Birth Control Pill for Men? Bring It On!

Birth-control pill for men is an idea well past its time.

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By Bonnie Erbe, Thomas Jefferson Street blog

Male contraception? Yes!

British researchers at Oxford University are on the verge of creating a male birth-control pill, and I say, Bravo!

From Science Progress

The dearth of male contraceptives, especially long-acting, reversible contraceptives, referred to as LARCs, contributes to an unjust arrangement in which women bear the majority of the social, economic, and health-related burdens associated with contraception. Today, there are eleven female contraceptive methods but only two male methods: condoms and vasectomy.[1] Women alone contracept 67.3 percent of the time. If we include shared methods as well as male condom use, which women often negotiate, then women are involved in almost 91 percent of all contraceptive use. Men, in contrast, only participate in contraceptive use one third of the time.[2]

When authorities first started prosecuting deadbeat dads for child-support payments some two decades ago, it was hoped this would act as a male contraceptive: one night of fun versus 18 years of payments. Who wouldn't weigh the consequences more seriously? Unhappily, however, it hasn't dulled Americans' appetite for out-of-wedlock births, which have soared since the 1980s.

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