Tax Cuts for Pet Owners!

GOP Congressman McCotter's barking up the right tree.


By Bonnie Erbe, Thomas Jefferson Street blog

Who says Republicans aren't animal friendly?

OK, so the Obama administration has upwardly revised the deficit to several trillion more than previously thought. Deficit, be damned! We pet owners/animal lovers, etc., want our piece of the tax cut pie, too.

From the Animal Law Coalition:

A bill pending in Congress would give pet owners tax deductions, well, for having pets. H.R. 3501 introduced by Rep. Thaddeus G. McCotter (R-MI) is also known as the Humanity and Pets Partnered Through the Years or HAPPY Act.

The bill notes that according to the "2007-2008 National Pet Owners Survey, 63 percent of United States households own a pet" and "Human-Animal Bond has been shown to have positive effects upon people's emotional and physical well-being." Kind of an understatement....

Under the bill, H.R. 3501, pet owners could deduct expenses for the care, including veterinary care, of a pet up to $3,500 per year. Pet is defined as a "legally owned, domesticated, live animal." Animals used for research or held in conjunction with a business or similar use don't count.

Animals shouldn't be used for research or to make money (IMHO), so those other people don't deserve a tax break anyway. Do I think Rep. McCotter's bill stands a chance of passing in today's economy? No, but all great projects are launched with baby steps.

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