Dog Abusers Like Michael Vick Don't Deserve a Second Chance

The NFL is a complete waste of time far as I'm concerned.

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By Bonnie Erbe, Thomas Jefferson Street blog

I agree with these protesters outside the Philadelphia Eagles headquarters, that the team's decision to give dog-mauler Michael Vick a second chance is ill-advised.

The Eagles don't have to worry about losing me as a fan. The NFL is a complete waste of time far as I'm concerned. I wish those fans would be out there participating in sports instead of watching other people play sports.

Nonetheless, the Humane Society has pulled something positive out of the tragedy of the Vick saga, persuading him to become a motivational speaker against animal cruelty:

He was spotted in Atlanta this past weekend at the humane society discussing dog-fighting, his past, and the ways he is working to give back to the community. Overall his appearance was well-received and motivational to those in attendance.

If it works and converts some would-be animal abusers into animal appreciators, and saves at lease some dogs from the living hell Michael Vick put his through, maybe then I'll rethink my position.

A good sign for dog lovers.