The Public is Catching on that Obama's Promises of Change Are Vacuous

Being anti-Bush is not enough to make a great president.


By Bonnie Erbe, Thomas Jefferson Street blog.

I share herewith some interesting observations offered by my colleague Ken Walsh. Even though recent public opinion polls show the president's popularity at 60 percent or above, America's confidence in his ability to meet the challenges of his time is thinning.

President Obama is heading into stormy waters. His healthcare plans have stalled on Capitol Hill; he is being faulted for a shaky response to the post-election violence in Iran; his job-approval ratings are dropping; and confidence in his handling of the economy is ebbing. The warning signs are enough to worry Democratic strategists that Obama may be sinking into a trough that will sap his influence just when he needs it most.

To this I say, it's about time that the public and the media catch up with what this president is all about: re-election. As I've blogged mightily since he first "caught on" as a presidential candidate, this is a smart, capable man who is not ready for prime time. He's made mistake after mistake, starting with spending way too much on his stimulus package, trying to please everybody on all sides of every issue and in the process pleasing no one, and getting too cozy with U.S. foes such as Iran's Ahmadinejad. 

The best thing the Obama administration has going for it is the GOP is in even worse shape. History will prove me correct that being anti-Bush is not enough to make a great president. His promises of change have proven vacuous and his ability to lead has disappointed on most fronts.