Democrats, Republicans Will Agree: Bipartisanship Is Dead

If everyone just got along, why bother having two parties?

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By Bonnie Erbe, Thomas Jefferson Street blog.

You heard it here months ago, folks. There's no such thing as bipartisanship in Washington, D.C.:

Partisan tensions are escalating over President Obama's plans to revamp the nation's healthcare system and push through other policies, just as Congress is taking up the heart of his first-term agenda.In the latest sign of the combative environment, Democratic and progressive groups announced Thursday that they were launching an Internet and television campaign to promote Obama's goals and — in some cases — to paint Republicans as obstructionist.

The Democratic National Committee, which has absorbed Obama's campaign operation, unveiled a Web video calling the GOP the "Party of No." The ad is a montage of party leaders voicing objections to Obama's policies, ending with the words: "100 days of no."

That's about as mature as one second-grader screaming at another that she's being unfair. Is real life fair? In Washington, is there any such thing as bipartisanship? If everyone just got along, why bother having two parties?

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