Rising Use of Food Stamps Shows Why Abortion, Birth Control Are Needed

Yet another common-sense sign that abortion and birth control are smart options in this recession.


By Bonnie Erbe, Thomas Jefferson Street blog.

Some sad but not unexpected government data out today show food stamp usage rising as the economy continues to lose steam:

Food stamp enrollment rose in all but four of the 50 states during January, said Agriculture Department figures. Vermont, Alaska and South Dakota had increases of more than 5 percent. Texas had the largest enrollment, 2.984 million, down 65,000, followed by California at 2.545 million, up 43,000, and New York with 2.211 million, up 37,000.

Food stamp benefits get a temporary 13 percent increase, beginning with this month, under the economic stimulus law signed by President Barack Obama. The increase equals $80 a month for a household of four.

One can assume those numbers will continue to rise until the recovery starts—most economists don't expect recovery to kick in until next year. Let's all hope they are wrong and that it starts later this year.

Meanwhile, I blogged earlier this week about the rise in birth control usage and abortion due to the recession. These figures back up my assertion that the last thing young, unemployed, or already large families should be doing is creating more mouths to feed. Food banks nationwide are reporting shortages and it's only going to get worse.

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