Sex Kitten Feminist Sarah Palin Is a Big Media, Internet Draw, Love or Hate Her

Love her or hate her, Alaska governor provokes traffic.

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By Bonnie Erbe, Thomas Jefferson Street blog

A Washington Post blogger says himself that a front page article about Sarah Palin in the paper has energized Post readers.

The gist of the article is that Gov. Sarah Palin's return to Alaska since her vice presidential run has been anything but successful:

"A number of factors seem to have contributed to the bumpy homecoming: a residual anger among Democrats for the attack-dog role Palin assumed in the McCain campaign, lingering resentment from Republicans for the part she may have played in McCain's defeat, and a suspicion crossing party lines that the concerns of Alaska, at a time of economic crisis, will now be secondary to her future in national politics."

I know my posts about Palin, or even her daughter Bristol have generated tons of traffic, and I wonder why she has become this Internet magnet for attention.

I guess because you either love her or hate her—her male fans (or so they say) just can't get enough by way of pictures of her, and the people who dislike her really dislike her. There are other possible reasons: her personal brand of sex kitten feminism or sex kitten non-feminism (depending upon which day she was asked, she self-branded as a feminist or as a non-feminist).

Since Americans seem to be in the mood for a uniter, not a divider, there's no claiming Sarah Palin is the type of politician who will bring the country together. At least not in her current iteration. So it seems to me unless the nation does a 180 and seeks another conservative divider (to wit, another Bush), her future on the national stage is limited. But apparently, her Internet draw is unlimited. So keep firing away, Sarah!

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