Poll Gives Sarah Palin No Shot in Alaska Senate Race; Again She Blames Media

Palin tells right-wing radio the media don't like her ... a new poll suggests Alaskans don't, either.


By Bonnie Erbe, Thomas Jefferson Street blog

A brand-spanking-new poll on pollster.com shows Sarah Palin has turned off even her own fellow hunters, frontiersmen, and hockey moms to a point no one could have believed back in September. That was when she was seen as God's gift to the religious right. Now, however, what God hath "given-eth" God is taking away. The pollster poll shows incumbent Alaska Republican Sen. Lisa Murkowski whuppin' Governor Palin in a hypothetical matchup for Murkowski's Senate seat by 57 percent to 33 percent. Even with a 4.4 percent margin of error, that's plenty of room for Murkowski to win in a walk. 

The Murkowskis must be yukking it up, because Sarah Palin ran against Lisa's father Frank, a powerhouse Alaskan, and took the state's chief executive job away from him.

Meanwhile, Palin seems to be doing all she can to run her numbers even lower. She talked to a conservative radio show host and told him she believes the media "exploited" her. Woe is me!

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