Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama Show Sexism Still Trumps Racism

Easier to be sexist than racist.

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By Bonnie Erbe, Thomas Jefferson Street blog.

On Friday usnews.com posted a fascinating op-ed piece about women in international security. All I can say is, hear, hear and read, read!! 

Recent headlines lead one to believe that we should award U.S. policies an "A" for inclusiveness, yet empirical evidence suggests we still have a way to go: Multiple studies on women in national security have illuminated concern about the progression of women into senior leadership positions. Many of the studies question whether women face either real or perceived barriers to reaching the highest ranks. 

And the answer to the studies' question (whether women still face barriers to the top) is yes, yes, yes! As I've said before, last month's presidential election is proof positive it is more acceptable to be sexist than racist. The sexist insults hurled at Sen. Hillary Clinton (being called a she-goat, her laugh being called a cackle, etc.) if translated into racial slurs and used instead against President-elect Obama would never have been tolerated. And yet, to this day, no one has been forced to apologize to Clinton for all the highly-biased poppycock she had to endure.