General Petraeus's Spiritual Literary Endorsement—More Controversy We Don't Need

He's gotten good marks for Iraq, but his turn as a literary critic leaves something to be desired.

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Check out's piece on a book endorsement by Gen. David Petraeus. The endorsement has generated the commander of the Multi-National Force-Iraq more trouble than generated for itself by calling him "General Betray-Us" in a full-page ad in the New York Times.

Petraeus is leaving Iraq next month to become overall commander of American forces in the Middle East and Afghanistan. By all accounts, he has received positive reviews, including this statement from a Times reporter:

Violence has plummeted from its apocalyptic peaks, Iraqi leaders are asserting themselves, and streets that once seemed dead are flourishing with life. The worst, for now, has been averted.

But the reviews of his book endorsement are not so favorable:

The book is "Under Orders: A Spiritual Handbook for Military Personnel," by Army Chaplain (Lt. Col.) William McCoy, and according to Petraeus' published endorsement of the work, "it should be in every rucksack for those times when soldiers need spiritual energy."

Is the Army a chapel? Or is the Army the Army? Have yourself a rollicking good time and read the comments pro and con posted by military personnel and interested onlookers. As if we didn't already have enough things to fight over.