Bonnie Erbe

May 2007

Supreme Court Lags Again

This week's Ledbetter ruling by the high court is a supremely enlightening example of the arbitrariness of the law and the difference one justice can make. Beyond that, it reifies the concept of the Supreme Court as a lagging indicator of American politics.

Lilly Ledbetter was an area manager in ...

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A Peek Into Our Diverse Future

The Census Bureau released figures this week showing that the number of nonwhite Americans broke the 100 million mark last year for the first time in American history. That means roughly 1 in 3 Americans is black, Hispanic, Asian, or American Indian. And Americans of color are also decidedly ...

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Latest Ploy: Blame the Wife

Wife-beating is out, but wife-blaming is in—in some circles, that is. Look at how GOP presidential nomination front-runner Mitt Romney last week blamed his wife for writing a check to pro-choice women's health provider Planned Parenthood. C'mon, Mitt. The check was written from the joint checking ...

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Alphas vs. Betas

We've all heard of the Mommy Wars—that dust-up of the past decade between full-time homemaker moms and career women moms. But this Mother's Day there's a new twist to the tiff, and it's the war between so-called alpha and beta moms. The alphas are typically high-achieving women with a businesslike ...

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Pardon the Rant

Pardon the rant, but it's absolutely untenable that in this day, in this age, in this millennium, a study such as this one provides some awfully antiquated-sounding findings. Media Matters (a progressive media organization) released a survey this week of female and minority talking heads and ...

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Paid Parenthood: Not a Great Idea

A recent Reuters story posited that if a typical full-time homemaker were paid for "her" work, she'd earn almost $140,000 per year. While this concoction might elicit a prideful grin from some "typical stay-at-home mother" (Reuters's description, not mine), it's not a story likely to generate ...

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Women-for-Women Polling

An interesting analysis of voting data this week by the Associated Press puts a new spin on the question: Will female voters support female candidates? The answer is yes and no.

Sen. Hillary Clinton, a New York Democrat, is the first woman in U.S. history with the visibility and resources to make a ...

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'D.C. Madam' Fallout: Do As I Say...

Deborah Jeane Palfrey is in court battling charges of running a high-class prostitution ring from her California home. She maintained a 46-pound Rolodex that has already caused the resignation of one State Department potentate and reportedly contains the names of more elite Bush administration ...

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Women Who Demean Women

A much-covered forum at the University of Chicago this past weekend posed the question, "Does Hip-Hop Hate Women?" And the answer is: Of course!

The panel discussion was set up long before shock jock Don Imus was fired in mid-April, but drew a crowd of 400 due to the publicity his firing brought ...

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