Bonnie Erbe

April 2007

MIT Must Keep Focus on Gender Diversity

The resignation in disgrace of Marilee Jones, Massachusetts Institute of Technology's admissions director, is a tragedy for several reasons not widely reported elsewhere.

For one, Jones played an important role in boosting the percentage of women admitted to the nation's most prestigious technology ...

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More Fodder in the Equal Pay and Opt-Out Wars

Two reports out this week are sure to fire up the debate over the gender pay gap and whether women still face real discrimination in the workforce or are making personal choices that lower their pay when compared with that of men.

The American Association of University Women's report shows the pay ...

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Islamic Women Fare Better Under Dictators

Bizarre as it may sound, women sometimes fare better under Middle Eastern dictators than under so-called democratic regimes in the region.

A Reuters report from Tehran over the weekend reminded me of a scene that took place a decade or more ago. I was sitting in the living room of a well-to-do ...

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Thoughts on the Late-Term Abortion Ruling

Several points on the impact of the Supreme Court's momentous late-term abortion decision. In the 5-to-4 Carhart decision handed down two days ago, the court's new conservative majority declared a certain late-term abortion procedure illegal even though it has no exception for the "health of the ...

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The Legacy of the Va. Tech Massacre

Sen. Dianne Feinstein, a California Democrat, said the handgun massacre at Virginia Tech should spur a dormant national debate about what she calls common-sense gun control laws. One can hope. But the only thing that distinguishes the mass murder in Blacksburg from what feels like an almost daily ...

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The Search for Cruelty-Free Medical Research

I have seen the future of biotechnology and it is an animal-cruelty-free era. Over the weekend, the Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine (PCRM) gave its Henry J. Heimlich Award (he of the famed Heimlich maneuver) for Innovative Medicine to a researcher who spearheaded use of human tissue ...

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The Imus Issue: Ratings vs. Rightness

I'll leave it to greater (and lesser) minds to decide whether radio shock jock Don Imus should be fired. There are strong arguments on both sides.

On the pro side, I'd love to see a self-imposed code of conduct for mainstream media denizens that banished use of derogatory terms against women,

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Giuliani's GOP Lead–Sign of a New Era?

Could someone please explain how it is that former New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani is beating Arizona Sen. John McCain among likely South Carolina Republican primary voters? Is there a revolutionary turn back to the middle among this most conservative of conservative states' primary voters?

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Clarification in Order

The dustup over the Kathy Sierra situation continues, with blogger Chris Locke contacting us to correct an error.You can read our correction here.

The source of my inaccuracy was this post on Sierra's own website, which to me was unclear about Locke's website's association with the posting.

Sorry to ...

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Viewpoint on Animal Rights

During the past week, I've been struck by two media references to animals that suggest perhaps America's attitude toward basic animal rights is maturing. In one, a listener comment read on the air during National Public Radio's All Things Considered discussed the inherent cruelty of using elephants ...

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