Bonnie Erbe

March 2007

Justice Can Be Poetic

Putting a Christian antiabortion zealot in charge of the nation's Population Affairs Office and its $283 million annual budget (as President Bush did last November) would be tantamount to anointing pro-choice poster-woman Kate Michelman as pope. Either would constitute a provocative move designed ...

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Testing the Bounds of Tolerance in Quebec

When conservative Islamic women vote today in Quebec's tightly contested elections, they'll enter the voting booth minus their niqabs or not at all. Niqabs are the most restrictive Islamic head coverings, revealing only a woman's eyes to the outside world.

The decision on niqabs, which make voter ...

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Opt-Out 'Revolution' Fizzles (Again)

Something seemed achingly familiar about a front-page story in yesterday's Washington Post. The headline screamed, in part, "Despite 'Mommy Guilt,' Time With Kids Increasing." As one who has devoted much of her career to covering stories affecting women, families, and communities of color, I knew ...

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Four Years After 'Mission Accomplished'

What a difference four years makes. Monday marks the start of the fifth year of the war in Iraq. What better time to revisit some pivotal moments in the war's infancy?

What first comes to mind is the president's May 2003 fatigue-clad strut across the deck of the USS Abraham Lincoln underneath a ...

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Gonzales, the Walking Cadaver

Does the term "walking cadaver" mean anything to you?

That's how opposition partisans are referring to the political status of Attorney General Alberto Gonzales. Two pivotal events took place on Thursday that seemed to cement Gonzales's troubled future:

  • The release of E-mails from recently resigned ...
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    Military Support for GOP Is in Free Fall

    Pardon my tardiness. While searching online for interesting political tidbits, I came across a two-month-old story of towering significance that received a paltry amount of media exposure. The Los Angeles Times reported in January that the Military Times's annual poll of active-duty service members ...

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    Lawmaker's Intervention in Law Enforcement Crosses Line

    The emerging scandal surrounding the dismissals of eight former U.S. attorneys should signify to American voters the depth, breadth, and permeation of corruption in the Bush administration.

    When a U.S. senator (to wit, Pete Domenici, a New Mexico Republican) feels free to call a prosecutor at home ...

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    Giuliani: The Antichrist?

    Will America's mayor, Rudy, be the man to push the GOP back to the center and dethrone the religious right's reign?

    It sure looks so at the moment. Mind you, I'm always one to serve up the caveat that polls earlier than one month ahead of an election are so much political detritus (to wit,

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    The Next War

    War is brewing. And not with Iran or North Korea. It's brewing right here in Washington between progressive women's-rights and women's-health advocates and religious conservatives in the Bush administration's Food and Drug Administration hierarchy.

    Sen. Patty Murray, a Washington Democrat, and three ...

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