Bonnie Erbe

January 2007

The Pitfalls of the Blogosphere

The "Gay Sheep" story is a recent example of Internet punditry that caused a much greater stir and circulated worldwide. The blogosphere discovered last summer that a research scientist in Oregon was studying the brains of "gay" rams (male sheep) and erupted in a furor over such questions as ...

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Internet Unleashes Unguided Punditry

Jenny Dombrowski writes: "If indeed the women's movement is over, then why are women still treated as objects in our society? We are inundated with images of perfection at every turn: from the checkout line of the grocery store to the movie theater to the billboards along the highway."

Were I her ...

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The End of Punditry

The Internet has brought us so many ambrosial capabilities: online access to global information and research, online shopping, online business dealings, online dating. The list expands daily. But one of high tech's less ambrosial characteristics is the Internet's plethora of self-appointed pundits.

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Seizing on the Female Poll Advantage

Are there some Americans who'd give a female candidate preference over a man? An ABC/Washington Post poll taken last month says yes. Twenty-three percent of women voters told those pollsters they are more likely to vote for another woman. Even though female candidates like to paint themselves as ...

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Hillary and the Critical Women's Vote

OK, so Hillary's "in," but can she win, and, most important, can she win the votes of women? As Dick Morris and Eileen McGann have reminded us, "Remember that women are 52 percent of our population, 54 percent of the registered vote, and usually between 55 percent and 56 percent of actual turnout."

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More Evidence of the Opt-Out Delusion

Once again mainstream media got it wrong, wrong, wrong about women and work. This time it's a study by the Simmons School of Management in Boston showing highly educated career women aren't dunking careers as so much detritus once babies come along. Quite the contrary–they are making more use of ...

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The Administration's Fake Feminists

Condoleezza Rice or Tony Snow standing up for feminism is tantamount to Donald Trump standing up for Rosie: The spectacle is improbable, unspeakable, and comical. It seems to me that Rice has made a career out of dewomanizing herself. Asked her position on abortion rights, the secretary of state ...

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Sanchezes: Sisters to Watch

There is talk, again, that spitfire superwoman Loretta Sanchez is running for governor of California, or as Governor Ah-nold pronounces it, Kahl-EE-for-neee-ah. This is not the first time one of the Sanchez sisters (the first and only sisters to serve simultaneously in Congress) has been rumored to ...

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Harvard's Chance to Bridge the Gender Gap

By appointing a woman as president, Harvard University not only would pull down one of the last remaining Ivy League gender barriers, it would complete the mop-up process induced by former President Lawrence Summers's loose-mouthed mess. Summers managed to unnecessarily alienate many female ...

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Pelosi Outflanks Bush With 'Pay-Go'

President Bush should take leadership training from the woman running Congress (or one chamber of it, anyway) at the other end of town. If he did, he'd pronounce his profligate spending habits things of the past and put himself in pay-as-you-go prison. Instead, his version of pay-go (as it's ...

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Giddy Lefties All Over the Hill

Feelings of relief and glee are so thick among progressives on Capitol Hill that one feels as if one has to navigate over and around them to maneuver one's path through the hallways.

Yesterday I attended the swearing-in celebration for Rep. Hilda Solis, a California Democrat, complete with a ...

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