Sanchezes: Sisters to Watch

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There is talk, again, that spitfire superwoman Loretta Sanchez is running for governor of California, or as Governor Ah-nold pronounces it, Kahl-EE-for-neee-ah. This is not the first time one of the Sanchez sisters (the first and only sisters to serve simultaneously in Congress) has been rumored to be running.

This time a California politics website is reporting that Sanchez has opened an exploratory committee called People for Loretta 2010. Funny, but not only has Loretta Sanchez been rumored to have been running for California governor before (I recall asking her about it at the Democratic National Convention in Los Angeles in 2000), but her sister, Rep. Linda Sanchez, also a Democrat, was touted as a possible gubernatorial candidate in August 2005.

California should have had a female governor by now. Both of its U.S. senators are women (Dianne Feinstein and Barbara Boxer), and for some odd reason, 58 percent of the state's voting population is female.

If anyone can not only crash through but demolish that glass ceiling, it's Loretta. She's an A-team fundraiser, having twice beaten uberconservative former GOP Rep. Bob Dornan, thus wiping out his political career in a right-leaning Orange County congressional district (even though her politics lean left).

She has a Wall Street background, no mean feat after being raised by poor immigrant parents as one of seven kids (all of whom went to college, by the way). She is one of the slickest acts in Congress and one of the least recognized (to this point anyway), with a nimble mind, a ready laugh, and all the goods to take her to the top.