HRT Theory: Animals Bite Back

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I have a theory: Animals bite back. When humans consume animals or use them to create drugs, there is almost always a boomerang-like response. And it's not good for humans.

In the case of meat, for instance, people who eat a lot of red meat are more prone to cholesterol issues, high blood pressure, and heart disease. Likewise, we're now finding women on Premarin are more prone to certain forms of breast cancer.

HRT is sold most often in the form of Premarin, an acronym for pregnant mares' urine or PMU. The process of its production is unknown to most women taking HRT and to doctors prescribing it. It is horribly inhumane. As reported on the Humane Society's website:

Inspection reports document a number of significant problems. PMU mares are confined to individual stalls for approximately 6 months of their 11-month pregnancy. These normally active animals are given very little, if any, exercise. They cannot interact naturally with other horses. They are usually not given adequate bedding material that would cushion and insulate the cold, hard floors on which they are forced to stand or lie. Observers report that the mares exhibit an abnormally high frequency of leg injuries,and edema in the chest and legs. Grooming is neglected and hooves are seldom trimmed. PMU producers may wait too long to seek professional veterinary care for serious illnesses and injuries.

What's even worse is, the foals PMU producers bring into this world for the sole purpose of keeing these poor mares pregnant are sold for slaughter at birth. Rescue groups have formed across the United States and Canada, but they cannot absorb enough of these foals. Since most of the production takes place in Canada, Americans are woefully unaware of the misery they are visiting on these animals.

Now that science is finding more certain links between Premarin and breast cancer, it's time for women to stop using the drug. What's more, there are herbal and lab-made substances that work just as well to relieve hot flashes and other menopausal symptoms, that have not been linked to increased rates of breast cancer. The more we learn about HRT, the human illness and animal misery it creates, the less reason there is for its existence.