Bonnie Erbe

November 2006

Who Replaces Hastings?

If you want to know whom Speaker-elect Nancy Pelosi is considering to replace Rep. Alcee Hastings of Florida as next term's chairman of the House Intelligence Committee, you need look no further than the Congressional Hispanic Caucus. It's the only group that supported Democrats in a big way in the ...

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Unspooling 'Unschooling'

The Web is alive with unstructured structuralism. The latest wrinkle is "unschooling." Kids divine their own instructional curricula. If a 6-year-old wants to play with a box on top of her head for an hour, that is as qualitatively beneficial a learning experience as an hour of Latin, according to ...

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The Marriage Initiative and Unwed Parents

So it's official. America is becoming more like France in a way that few Americans would wish. Government health data revealed this week that 4 in 10 children were born out of wedlock last year. This figure was up slightly from 200, but way up from 1940, when, marriage expert and author

Stephanie ...

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Breastfeeding Protests: Nurse-Ins Begin

Breastfeeding moms held nurse-in protests at airports across the country this week, to show opposition to Delta Airlines' ejection of a breastfeeding mother, her husband, and her baby from one of its planes this fall. The protest comes six months after the federal government launched an ad campaign ...

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Building a Base to Nowhere

The midterm elections take a decided turn to the left, and Sen. John McCain bolts right. Where is the logic here?

Perhaps the presidential hopeful is looking at pulling a reverse-Lieberman in '08. Sen. Joe Lieberman, the Democrat turned independent from Connecticut, tied himself so closely to ...

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The Senate Women and the Middle Class

Last night the women of the U.S. Senate met for the first time. All 16 (14 present and two new members) were supposed to be in attendance. But Sens. Dianne Feinstein, a California Democrat, and Kay Bailey Hutchison, a Texas Republican, were tied up on a military construction appropriation matter on ...

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Pelosi Lays Out Her Cards With Murtha Bet

It's a high-testosterone move for the first female speaker-elect. Yep, "Women have cojones, too!" could be the subtext under the headline, "Pelosi Endorses Murtha for Leader." Why? Murtha's medal-decorated military past enthuses the cockles of veterans and service persons alike. The Pennsylvania ...

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Pelosi's Ascension Signals Woman Power

Tuesday's election results are more woman-friendly than even the most astute of Washington pundits has so far divined. All of a sudden, women are fashionable again in national politics.

Watching Speaker-elect Nancy Pelosi's meeting with President Bush yesterday, I was struck by the president's ...

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The Year of Women Leaders

Along with the Democratic sweep in Congress came historic firsts for Democratic women in party leadership positions. I interviewed Democratic pollster Celinda Lake today and asked her whether '06 would turn out to be the year of women leaders in American politics, as '92 was the "Year of the ...

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Pelosi and the Younger Set

Hopeful House Speaker-to-be Nancy Pelosi came onstage at DCCC election night headquarters preceded by several members of what she's calling the House 30-Something Working Group. It's a coalition of younger Democratic House members she assembled this past spring to reach out specifically to ...

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A Celebratory Crowd at Democratic HQ

I'll be filing from DCCC headquarters tonight–the Hyatt Regency ballroom at the base of Capitol Hill. Am here (if predictions turn out to be right) to watch Nancy Pelosi become the first female House speaker.

The crowd here is certainly celebratory. Lots of young people drinking wine, chugging beer,

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End the Scandal-Plagued NCAA's Tax Exemption

College sports are so scandal rife, herculean muscle must be applied just to compile a list of recent NCAA scandals. Merely listing all categories of college sports scandals is exhausting. NCAA athletes and coaches, even professors who cater to college athletes, have industriously devised all ...

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Last-Minute Bad Timing

Let's have a contest. Who has done a better job of creating a last-minute crisis for his side, on the eve of one of the closest off-year elections in recent U.S. history: Sen. John Kerry or the Rev. Ted Haggard of Colorado, who supports that state's constitutional amendment that would ban gay ...

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