Bonnie Erbe

July 2006

Are we entering an era of Israeli military fallibility?

Israel has long been regarded as possessing among the most competent, skilled, and capable military and intelligence forces in the world, despite its tiny population and minuscule territory. But given a week in which Israel has sustained large numbers of casualties in its campaign against Hezbollah ...

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Predict away about '06, but female governors are a sure bet

It's a coin toss whether the bloom is off the rose for Democrats in November. Are Democrats going to make major the electoral gains (and perhaps regain control of one chamber of Congress) they seemed destined to make several months back? Or are Republicans regaining the ground lost by President ...

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Church versus college?

We've all heard of church versus state, but the latest twist is church versus college. The New York Times reports that more and more Baptist colleges are disentangling themselves from their state Baptist conventions in reaction to pressure from religious leaders and church-appointed board members ...

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Time to redefine "pro-life"

This week's debate over federal funding for stem cell research leads to one clear conclusion: the so-called pro-life movement is inaptly named. I'm calling to rename it, rather than let it "live on" hypocritically. Here are some suggestions: How about the "pro-zygote" movement or the "pro-embryonic ...

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Mr. President, meet the NAACP

The long-standing feud between President Bush and the nation's pre-eminent African-American organization, the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People, is about to end with the president addressing the group's 97th annual convention this week.

But let's get real about why Bush is ...

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Stem Cell Research

Once again, politics trumps progress. The Senate is considering three bioethics bills on stem cell research. Some combination of them is expected to pass; a bill on stem cell research has already passed the more conservative House. But no matter. An insurmountable presidential veto (the first of ...

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Taliban resurging in Afghanistan?

One of the saddest and most viscerally troubling indications that the Taliban is regaining ground in Afghanistan is the crescendoing rate of attacks on women and girls. Religious zealots seem to be succeeding in destroying what few precious civil rights women and girls have enjoyed since the United ...

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What are they thinking?

A new report sure to foment the poison pen "mommy wars" comes to a conclusion so off the charts it must emanate from another universe entirely. Rutgers University's National Marriage Project reports that demographic trends have diminished the "child-centeredness of our nation."

"In 1990, the most ...

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Bush recession

Is the Bush recession finally upon us? In all honesty, I've been anticipating it for years. We balanced-budget types weren't even happy with former President Clinton's surplus. Imagine our distress over Bush's epochal debt. Wanton federal spending usually presages economic hardship.

Before we get to ...

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Me-generation meet Catholicism

Consider this an entry from my "why" files. New figures show a decided rise in fallen-away Catholicism, while evangelical, Baptist and Protestant churches are on a roll. Why?

Consider this an entry from my "why" files. New figures show a decided rise in fallen-away Catholicism, while evangelical,

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What a difference a take makes

Canada's new Universal Child Care Benefit, which took effect this month, pays each family $100 per month (about $90 U.S.) for each child under 6.

This quote from the Montreal Gazette describes the program thusly: "The plan to pay out $1,200 a year to parents for each child under 6 years old was a ...

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Skinflint conservatives take on Bush

Whatever happened to fiscal conservatism? It's as gone as the typewriter. "Big government" conservatism dominates the Republican Party. The balanced-budget amendment is not even a memory but a vague recollection. Could this reversal someday become the party's electoral undoing?

Increasing fissures ...

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