Bonnie Erbe

May 2006

Stay in the race, Hillary. At least for now...

A source high on the roster of Democrats working for former Virginia Gov. Mark Warner said Warner's presidential team hopes Sen. Hillary Clinton stays in the race until much closer to the 2008 primary season. Their hope is that her field-filling presence and vacuumlike approach to fundraising will ...

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What if Hillary doesn't run?

Tomorrow Democratic Sen. Hillary Clinton of New York will lead off her bid to run for re-election "with a sometimes emotional 18-minute video that features praise from her husband and even some New Yorkers who opposed her candidacy six years ago," according to the Associated Press.

As Senator ...

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The marriage scare lie

Twenty years ago, Harvard and Yale researchers suggested that white, college-educated women who didn't marry by age 30 had a 20 percent chance of ever finding husbands. By age 40, those chances dropped to 2.6 percent.

The media overplayed the findings, including Newsweek, which ran the story on its ...

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Are girls as bad as boys?

So much for the digital age advancing women's rights. We have the Internet to thank for intergalactic proof that girl jocks can behave just (about) as badly as boy jocks.

If you don't want proof, do NOT go to There you will find photos of Catholic University's women's lacrosse team's ...

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Babes buzzing 'bout Botox

Is Botox the latest cure for depression? Before hordes of us run out and get our first injections, we need to read the controversial article in May's edition of Dermatologic Surgery—and listen to the response from women's health experts.

The article that says Botox may help alleviate depression ...

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The woes of the "mass affluent."

Who are the mass affluent? Don't be afraid to ask, because I didn't know either. The "mass affluent" are Americans with "investable" assets ranging from $100,000 to $1 million, according to Spectrem Group, a consulting group ( that studies the mass affluent and retirement markets.

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All this fuss over one little lady?

Days before the much-vaunted worldwide première of The Da Vinci Code, a crescendoing chorus of church officials and the faithful are rallying against, protesting, and railing against the movie's debut and, in some cases, pleading for a ban.

Of course, author Dan Brown is probably devising ...

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Does this well have a bottom?

So now it's official. The 30s are history and the 20s are upon us–that, of course, pointing to President Bush's ever plummeting public approval rating.

Late last week a Harris survey of 1,003 Americans reached by phone showed a mere 29 percent think Bush is doing an "excellent or pretty good"

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Disappearing health coverage

If the freelance economy keeps freewheeling along the highway to universal self-employment, the paid vacation may soon find itself in the antique market right beside the typewriter.

The Society for Human Resource Management ( surveyed 450 companies in 2003 and again in 2004 and found that ...

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A 'freelance economy'

What do I mean by a "freelance economy?" I mean, yes, the president is correct: The economy is creating lots of new jobs.

But fewer and fewer of them are full-time jobs with defined-benefit pensions, fully paid healthcare coverage, paid vacation, and the like. Our economy is shifting more and more ...

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What is stunningly wrong with this picture?

Reuters reported this weekend, "President George W. Bush on Saturday said the U.S. job market was the best in years, as he pushed an election-year effort to convince skeptical Americans that the economy is thriving."

Rival news agency, the Associated Press simultaneously deployed this missive:

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Wade in the waters

What is a wadable stream, you might ask. Curiously enough, it is a stream that a human can wade through. OK. Sarcasm aside, the health of the nation's "wadable streams" is critical to the health of its the water supply. Without clean water, we can't sustain our ecosystem, raise healthy kids, and so ...

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Commander in Chief

You may have heard this week that ABC pulled Commander in Chief, the first-ever prime-time drama about a female U.S. president, played by Geena Davis. The show started out gangbusters, then slid in the ratings. It was put on hiatus, then came back briefly, only to have the last several episodes ...

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Men living longer; women not thrilled

I remember asking my 70-something grandmother why she had never remarried, some two decades after my grandfather died in his (and her) 50s. She responded in her accented English: "Vat, and become a slave to anozer man?"

You'd think most women would be thrilled to learn men are closing the ...

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