Does this well have a bottom?

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So now it's official. The 30s are history and the 20s are upon us–that, of course, pointing to President Bush's ever plummeting public approval rating.

Late last week a Harris survey of 1,003 Americans reached by phone showed a mere 29 percent think Bush is doing an "excellent or pretty good" job, down from 35 percent in April and 43 percent in January. Other recent major polls have pegged Bush's approval rating from 31 percent to 37 percent, including a New York Times /CBS News poll showing him at 31 percent and an AP-Ipsos poll showing him at 33 percent overall.

No offense guys, but, as usual, women were way ahead of the curve. The AP-Ipsos poll shows women's support barreling downward much faster than men's. In May, only 29 percent of women support the president; that was down by 5 percentage points since April.

Maybe the president and crew shouldn't feel so badly. ABC News recently reported the career lows for the nine most recent presidencies preceding Bush's. He might console himself with the fact he's still a point ahead of Jimmy Carter (who of course was not re-elected) in the Harris survey and 6 points ahead of Richard Nixon right before he resigned to avoid impeachment for the Watergate scandal.

Clinton 43
G. H. W. Bush 33
Reagan 42
Carter 28
Ford 37
Nixon 23
Johnson 35
Kennedy 56
Eisenhower 48