What Was the Most Important Story of 2010? Healthcare? Elections?

The GOP's election landslide, the healthcare reform law and the high unemployment rate may come to mind.

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What do you think was the most important story of 2010? That can be a hard call. There are obvious choices that land loudly in the headlines: the GOP landslide in the House, the signing of Obamacare (otherwise known as the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act). There are incremental stories, like the chronically high jobless rate or the crumbling euro. The Tea Party was a phenomenon, not just a headline. And we are, in Afghanistan, approaching the second decade of the longest war we've ever fought. Then there are the below-the-radar stories, my favorite being the Stuxnet computer virus that is wreaking havoc on Iran's nuclear machinery. So what was the most important story and why? Give me your thoughts at editor@usnews.com and we'll publish a roundup.

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