What’s the Best Way to Reduce the Budget Deficit?

What’s to be done about cutting the federal budget deficit?

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So what would you cut? When it comes to the federal budget, you’re going to hear that question many times in the months and years ahead. It’s no trivial inquiry. The size of the budget deficit and what we do about it is at the top of the urgent pile for voters and, perhaps, lawmakers. Everyone from the chairman of the Federal Reserve to the finance ministers of obscure countries considers the deficit very unhealthy; the Democrats’ election rout came in large part from voter unease. But what’s going to be done about it? You either cut spending, raise revenue—or both. Across the board or with a scalpel? Which programs, which taxes? What would you cut—or raise? Post your thoughts below and we’ll start a discussion that I’m sure we’ll want to come back to. [Read more about the deficit and national debt.]

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