Where Can Obama and Republicans Find Common Ground in 2011?

Democrats and new GOPers must decide whether there is common ground to enact meaningful legislation.


To deal or not to deal? That is the portentous question hanging over Washington as a shellacked president and his party contemplate the arrival of busloads of gleeful new Republican members of Congress. It’s a question for the GOP, too. Both sides have to decide whether there is common ground that could result in meaningful legislation or to settle in for two years of trench warfare. Where do you think that common ground might be found? Jobs, taxes, energy, education, and healthcare are among the pressing issues. Would you pick any of those to try to forge a compromise? What kind of bill has a chance of passage? Given the voters’ mood, inaction will carry risks for both sides, so the odds are something will happen. Post your thoughts below and let’s get the conversation started. 

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