What Can Obama Do to Prevent a Republican Takeover of Congress?

All signs point to a Republican majority come November 2, and the president is running out of moves.

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President Obama and the Democratic Party are on track for an epic political blowout on November 2. The way the momentum is trending, Republicans will gain a House majority, possibly the Senate, and a stronghold on governorships and state legislatures. Can the president do anything to change the outcome? Or blunt it? What, in the last weeks of the campaign, can he do or say to win back the independents and soft Democrats whose 2008 support has evaporated? He’s tried a number of themes—Wall Street bashing, fears of a return to Bush-era policies, alarm about foreign campaign money—but so far nothing has caught on. What does he have left to say? I’d like to hear your take on Obama’s last stand. Share your thoughts below.

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