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October 2010

What Will the 2010 Elections Mean for Washington?

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Predictions time. With a week before one of the most consequential midterm elections in the past few decades, it’s time to contemplate the outcome—and the aftermath. The current polls have the GOP winning the House and the Dems keeping the Senate by a hair. How do you see it turning out? More ...

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2010 Congressional elections
Republican Party
Democratic Party
deficit and national debt
health care
health care reform

What’s the Best Pathway to Public Service in the Recession?

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Winston Churchill is worth quoting on many subjects, what with his trove of pungent observations on everything from the benefits of drinking alcohol to the vulnerabilities of his political rivals. But for all his war cries, Churchill’s wisdom can encompass the gentler side of life, as well. Such as ...

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community service
national security terrorism and the military
deficit and national debt
Gates, Bill

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