Is the Tea Party a Good Thing or a Bad Thing for Republicans?

Is the movement jeopardizing Republicans in the midterm elections?

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Who says politics is boring? Last Tuesday was some fun primary day. A cast of characters worthy of reality TV swept onto the national stage, at least for a while, and managed to make the pooh-bahs of both parties mighty nervous. Good times if you like your democracy on the raucous side. The cause of the consternation was the Tea Party, the amorphous movement that seems to be gelling into something a little more solid and worthy of a lot more scrutiny. But let’s focus on the question of the week. Is the Tea Party a positive development for the Republicans? Are they jeopardizing the GOP’s chances of taking over the House and especially the Senate? What does the movement mean for the future of the Republican Party? Post your thoughts below and let’s see what you think.

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