If Republicans Win the House, How Should Boehner Deal With Obama?

Would it mean a return to failed policies?

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The words being whispered around Washington for the past few weeks: “Speaker Boehner.” Sometimes in shock and sometimes in glee. President Obama decided to make it public when, in his fall campaign kickoff speech, he used the Ohio Republican as a punching bag. He warned that if John Boehner and his party take back the House, it will mean a return to failed policies. Even voters upset with Obama seem to have little love for the GOP. But the odds are getting pretty strong that Boehner will indeed run the House. What do you think he should do after the new Congress is sworn in? Should he pick fights with the president? Is it time for both parties to start making deals? On which issues? Post your thoughts below on how you’d run the show if you were Speaker Boehner. [See who supports Boehner.]

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