How Bad Is the Economy, Really?

Where is the economy really going?

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Don’t let me be the guy to throw a wet blanket on your summer plans, but this year maybe you should have kept some of those hot dogs from your July 4th barbecue in reserve. They freeze well, and who knows, you might need them in six months. It’s just that a lot of crummy economic news seems to be piling up of late. Jobless claims are up, car sales are down, housing sales are flat. Even the Chinese look poised to take a very long weekend. That “double dip” phrase is making a comeback. How’s your consumer sentiment? Are you feeling uneasy or confident about your future finances? What indicators concern you? I’d like to hear where you think this economy is going, so please drop me a note at and we’ll see if we can get some clarity on a murky future.

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