Super Tuesday Analysis

Road to the White House still an uphill battle for the Romney camp.

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It looks like, Mitt Romney will win Ohio and several other states. But Rick Santorum, Ron Paul, and Newt Gingrich will win enough delegates tonight to keep this demolition derby going and to make Romney's life difficult. This is good news for President Obama, who has an 18 percent lead among women in new Wall Street Journal/NBC national survey. Thanks to Rush and Rick.

Update: Closer than expected races in Virginia and Vermont suggest that many Republicans still haven't learned to love Romney. If Republicans nominate Romney it will be a marriage of convenience.

Update 2: Everybody's a winner tonight on Super Tuesday including Barack Obama. Romney wins the most delegates but Santorum, Gingrich and Paul do well enough to keep this train wreck going. The longer the GOP race continues, the harder it will be for Romney to win in the fall.

Update 3: Oklahoma is okay for Rick Santorum. The GOP race remains a muddle which is bad news for Mitt Romney because it prolongs an ugly race. But victories for Newt Gingrich and Rick Santorum keep the anti-Romney vote divided The fractured GOP field is the reason that Romney will win the GOP nod. But the former liberal and former governor will have to fight for every inch of ground between here and Tampa.

Update 4: Romney just gave a tepid "victory" speech in Boston and gets tepid response from supporters. What did he win so far? Two New England states and Virginia where Gingrich and Santorum weren't even on the ballot. Exit polls continue to show that Romney does poorly with downscale voters and religious conservatives.

Update 5: Mitt Romney's weak performance tonight will spur talk about the GOP establishment trying to find a candidate to stop Rick Santorum. Chris Christie anyone? Exit polls have consistently under reported Rick Santorum's vote. Are Republicans too embarrassed to admit that they voted for the former senator from Pennsylvania?

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