The Tea Party's Drive to Beat Romney Could Mean an Obama 2012 Win

A Tea Party endorsement seems to be a kiss of death for GOP 2012 candidates.


If the Party of Tea, formerly known as the GOP, is so confident of beating Barack Obama why can't it find a decent candidate to stop Mitt Romney and beat the president?

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The right wing extremists don't trust former Gov. Mitt Romney and who can blame them? Romney governed as a liberal in Massachusetts, ran as a conservative in the 2008 presidential campaign and now is running as a moderate. My guess is that Romney will make another futile presidential run in 2016; this time as a vegan.

John Nichols of The Progressive described the former Bay State governor as the only Republican candidate "with one foot in the circle of sanity." So it's not surprising that Tea Party activists vehemently oppose his candidacy. By the way, the "circle of sanity" is what Robert De Niro considers the "circle of trust" in Meet the Parents.

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But so far the right hasn't come up with anybody to stop Romney. God knows conservative activists have tried. The right's first champion--excuse me victim--was Rep. Michele Bachmann. Her campaign imploded after the Tea Party anointed her as their champion in the Ames Iowa straw poll.

After Bachmann's campaign imploded, Tea Partyers latched onto Texas Gov. Rick Perry. Predictably, he melted down in the Sunshine State under the glare of the TV klieg lights. The Lone Star State governor opened his mouth and promptly stuck his foot in it; which is not easy to do while wearing cowboy boots. He must be glad he wasn't wearing spurs.

Next up to get knocked down is New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie. The D.C. establishment wing of the old Republican Party is right to be scared to death that the new Party of Tea will blow the chance to defeat President Obama. Christie is the one Republican candidate that both wings of the POT might find acceptable.

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But if Governor Christie does run, he should avoid the sad fate that befell Governor Perry and Representative Bachmann after those two candidates received Tea Party endorsements. Christie might want to follow the example of Abercrombie and Fitch in dealing with toxic endorsements. After "The Situation" wore an Abercrombie and Fitch outfit on an episode of Jersey Shore, the clothing company sent the reality star a letter offering to pay him if he promised not to wear the company's clothes on future episodes.

Actually the best way for conservative activists to stop Romney might be to endorse him.

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