The Tea Party Makes a Train Wreck of the GOP

The Tea Party campaign shenanigans have derailed the GOP's 2012 hopes.


The car wreck President Obama saw on the side of the road on his bus trip in Iowa was what was left of the GOP presidential race after the Tea Party's demolition derby in Ames.

Watching the Tea Party's presidential nomination campaign is like watching George Romero's classic zombie movie Night of the Living Dead. The campaign is repulsive but you can't take your eyes off it.

James Cameron, director of Titanic, was 57 on Tuesday. To commemorate his birthday, Republicans in Iowa voted to support Rep. Michele Bachmann's quest for the presidency on Saturday--a venture sure to end much like the famous ocean liner. [See photos of Michele Bachmann.]

The religious right believes Michele Bachmann is God's gift to the GOP. Actually the conservative congresswoman is God's gift to a beleaguered Barack Obama.

What was Bachmann thinking, or was she thinking at all? Yesterday, Representative Bachmann celebrated Elvis Presley's birthday even though it was the anniversary of the day that the King of Rock and Roll died. Last month she was happy to be campaigning in the birthplace of movie hero John Wayne; even though it was the birthplace of mass murderer, John Wayne LeGacy. Earlier this year she said the American Revolution began at the battles of Lexington and Concord in New Hampshire.

And what was former GOP presidential candidate and ex-Minnesota Gov. Tim Pawlenty thinking when he attacked Representative Bachmann? Telling the anti-government Tea Party types who dominate the GOP that the congresswoman had no record of legislative accomplishment was like telling religious conservatives not to vote for her because she believed in God.

The guy who called Fed Chairman Ben Bernanke a traitor was the same Texas Gov. Rick Perry who threatened to pull Texas out of the union. I wonder how he feels about Jeff Davis. Now the governor has to decide whether he wants to secede from the United States or lead it.

Even though, she says she's not running for president, Sarah Palin showed up in Iowa. She may want to listen to the country music classic "How Can I Miss You If You Won't Go Away?" [See photos of Sarah Palin and her family.]

Former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney said last week that corporations are people too.  His net worth shows that he is a corporation so you can understand his confusion. Speaking of corporations, the Republican Party is now a wholly owned subsidiary of the Tea Party. The GOP is now the POT, short for Party of Tea.

Speaking of millionaires and billionaires, Warren Buffett's prescription to fund new jobs by taxing bankers and billionaires is the right medicine for an ailing economy.

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