Time for Democrats to Put Up or Shut Up on Jobs

Deficit deal shows only bankers, billionaires, and hedge fund managers are safe under this legislature.

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Congress is off on vacation and the only thing that jobless Americans will get is a tee shirt, from China probably, that says "Congress got a new committee and all I got was this lousy tee shirt."

The new deficit deal just shows you that no person's life, liberty, or property is secure while this legislature is in session unless you're a banker, billionaire, corporate jet setter, hedge fund manager, or oil company executive. Then you're okay. But if you are unemployed, the deficit deal will cut funding for the extension of unemployment benefits. This creates a real hardship when there are six Americans chasing every single available job here. But if jobless Americans are wiling to move to Bangladesh, big business will gladly use its federal tax freebies to create jobs for them there at $1 per day.

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It's time for Democrats to put up or shut up on jobs. After this dastardly D.C. debt and deficit deal was done, Democratic leaders promised to focus on jobs. But they said the same thing at the beginning of the Barack Obama's presidency, after Scott Brown's upset victory in the U.S. Senate special election in Massachusetts, and once again after the disastrous midterm 2010 election.

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The Party of Tea didn't cover itself in glory either. Americans were screaming for jobs, but all the Tea Party gave them was a new federal bureaucracy in a form of a congressional uber committee that will provide jobs for hundreds of bureaucrats but not one for the millions of Americans who really need them. [See political cartoons about the Tea Party.]

Because of Tea Party pressure, the soon-to-be-former House Speaker John Boehner walked away from President Obama's $4.5 debt trillion reduction plan. The debt reduction proposal approved by Congress only cuts the deficit by about $2.5 trillion. And why did the Tea Party spit the bit on the president's bigger debt reduction plan? Because the president's proposal would have asked the party's BFFs on Wall Street to pay their fair share of taxes like everybody else. God forbid! [Read Newman: Three ways the debt deal failed America.]

When I was young, I always wondered why there wasn't a Kids' Day to go along with Mother's and Father's Day. Since I grew up in a traditional Irish Catholic family, I wouldn't even think of asking my father. So a few days after Father's Day, I asked my mother. Her response was "every day is Kids' Day." Well, in Washington, every day is Bankers' and Billionaire's Day.

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