More Proof That the Republicans Aren't Serious About Fiscal Discipline

GOP is not the party of fiscal responsibility but rather the party serving big business.

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The lame stream media has really drunk the Kool-Aid if it thinks the GOP is the party of fiscal discipline.

You do the math.

Three weeks ago, GOP Speaker John Boehner walked away from the president's proposal to reduce the deficit by more than $4 trillion. To be fair to the lame duck speaker, Boehner actually accepted the president's compromise offer before he rejected it. But when the speaker ran back down Pennsylvania Avenue with his tail between his legs after his White House meeting, his boss Rep. Eric Cantor read him the Riot Act and the speaker backed down before the Tea Party caucus backed over him.

Tuesday, the Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, a Democrat, introduced a budget reduction package worth $2 trillion dollars while the speaker introduced a proposal that cut $800 billion dollars. Yes folks, the president's proposal would beat the speaker's plan by more than a factor of four. Even Harry Reid outdid the speaker by more than 2 to 1 margin. [See a collection of political cartoons about the budget and deficit.]

And why can't the GOP come up with a serious deficit reduction package? They can't because Republicans can't stand the thought of their BFFs paying their fair share of taxes like other Americans do. Wall Street bankers, billionaires, hedge fund managers, oil companies and corporate jet setters all get fat feeding off the government trough and the GOP just can't bear to put their big business buddies on a diet.

John Boehner is Wall Street's $6 million man. The same day that the soon-to-be-former speaker introduced his deficit reduction plan that doesn't reduce the federal deficit very much, Bloomberg Press reported that John Boehner had received more than $6 million dollars in campaign contributions from Wall Street in the last six months. It's great work if you can get it but most Americans can't. [See the finance and credit industry’s favorite lawmakers.]

The GOP is nothing but a big bully and the party should pick on someone its own size. Republicans should take on big business instead of bullying seniors, students and mothers with infant children.

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