Donald Trump, the GOP, and Birtherism Are One Big 2012 Joke

Can a serious GOP candidate be taken seriously in a field like this?

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My mother used to say “small things amuse small minds.” Mom’s words of wisdom explain the Republican obsession with President Obama’s birth.

The "long form" the White House released yesterday is just the last in a long line of documents that Barack Obama has released to prove he was born in Hawaii. It doesn’t matter because the birthers would continue to live in their fantasy world even if the president produced a picture of his mother giving birth to him in front of the statue of King Kamehameha on the grounds of the state capitol building in Honolulu. The Tea Partyers just can’t wrap their heads around the idea of a black president. [Check out editorial cartoons about the Tea Party.]

Donald Trump is the king of the birthers. He is the front runner in the GOP race because his party, like him, is a joke. The voters who will select a nominee for the GOP in primaries and caucuses are blinded by hatred and ideological hot flashes. The Tea Partyers and the Christian conservatives don't want to win; they just want to be right. And since Trump can’t win, he would be the perfect right-wing candidate. [Check out a roundup of political cartoons on the GOP 2012 candidates.]

Trump has great credentials for dealing with the economic problems that would test his presidency. He has had companies go bankrupt three times and he owns casinos so he understands the culture of the high rollers on Wall Street who gambled away the jobs and homes of millions of working families.

But Trump’s expertise goes far beyond financial acumen. He clearly understands the role of traditional marriage in American life since he has been married three times. And he is skilled in foreign affairs since two of his three wives have been foreign born. By the way, did he check their birth certificates before the ceremonies? [Vote now: Will Trump seriously run for president?]

The Donald is just another joker in the GOP deck and one actor in the Republican freak show. He joins Newt Gingrich and Michele Bachmann under the GOP circus tent. So Trump has switched his position on abortion. Mitt Romney has changed his position on abortion, gay rights, healthcare; and every other issue under the sun. With enemies like this, Barack Obama won't need many friends to get re-elected.

Can a serious GOP candidate be taken seriously in a field like this? I don't think so.

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