Obama's Brutal Budget

When the president releases his budget, GOPers, Tea Partyers, and liberals are likely to complain about cuts.

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Everybody should relax and take it easy this weekend because Monday will be a very busy day.

We will celebrate Valentine’s Day with the loves of our lives; Boston Red Sox pitchers and catchers will report to spring training and President Obama will submit his budget proposal to Congress. Please don’t ask me which event is most important because the answer might get me in a lot of trouble.

My guess is that there won’t be much love for the president on Valentine’s Day. The Republican congressional leaders will go after him for not cutting spending enough, the Tea Party folks will complain that the president should have cut a lot more spending than he did and liberals will opine that he cut too much. At least he has Michelle. [See editorial cartoons about the Republican Party.]

The last time I checked, the president wants to make some cuts, Speaker Boehner wants to reduce spending $40 billion next year and Tea Party congressional caucus leader Michele Bachmann wants to slash $100 billion.

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One of the programs the president wants to cut is assistance to poor people for heating their homes. If next winter is anything like this winter, the poor and the unemployed will be left out in the cold. At least they won’t need a refrigerator to store their food, if they have any. And if they lost their homes when they lost their jobs, they don’t have to worry about heating them anyway. The best they can hope for is that Al Gore is right about global warming.

The president may not worry about the poor and the Republicans have no qualms about taking social security checks away from seniors but apparently they didn’t have any reservations about spending $30 billion a year on tax cuts for bankers and billionaires.

This may be why I prefer baseball.

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