Megyn Kelly's GQ Photo Spread Enough to Make a Liberal Go Right

What's next? Roger Ailes in a Speedo?


Until recently the only time I ever watched the Fox News Channel was when something bad happened to Republicans or something good happened to Democrats. That way, I could say "take that, Sean Hannity." Needless to say I haven't been watching much FNC lately.

Then I stumbled on the pictures of Fox anchor Megyn Kelly in the latest issue of CQ--excuse me, GQ. (My close friends know I am a slave to fashion.) And there she was in all her glory in a barely there little black slip. The word steamy does not begin to do justice to the pix. When Texas Sen. Phil Gramm ran for president he would say, "I was conservative before being conservative was cool." Now Megyn Kelly has made conservatism hot. Smoking hot! Anne Coulter move over.

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What's next at Fox? Roger Ailes in a Speedo on the cover of Sports Illustrated? Bill O'Reilly with a loofah in a spread in the Bed and Bath holiday gift catalog? Will frequent Fox guest Tony Perkins of the Family Research Council boycott the network until Kelly covers more of her family valuables? Inquiring minds want to know. Or will the family values gurus move to staid CNN where the hosts are more conservative? I forget, Eliot Spitzer is still there, isn't he?

These sultry pictures changed my world view the same way that the bolt of lightning changed St. Paul's on the to Taursus. Up until now, I had been a card carrying member of the loony left. Chris Matthews described people like me as loud mouth liberals. Now I want to see Barack Obama's birth certificate and all of a sudden supply side economics suddenly makes perfect sense to me. Now I understand why bankers and billionaires need tax breaks. How will they survive without ski vacations to the the Swiss Alps and that extra dollop caviar on their Rice Krispies? Even Glenn Beck seems rational to me now. Well I haven't gone that far beyond the bend, yet. Megyn will have to show me a lot more skin to get me there.

Is there anything that can bring me back from the dark side. Maybe Rachel Maddow in Maxim.

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