Are Republicans Funny or Are They Sad?

Question: Is it funny or sad that religious fanatics criticize Muslims for being religious fanatics?

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The great playwrights of ancient Greece believed that tragedy and comedy were opposite sides of the same coin. In that spirit, I have invented a new game, called “Funny or Sad,” that you all can play at home.

We could play Monopoly, which has been around a lot longer than Funny or Sad. But with all the banks and big money transactions, it’s pretty much a Republican game. Funny or Sad is a game for all Democrats and independents between 8 and 80. You can play in the comfort of your own home.

Here are today’s questions.

Is it funny or sad that Republicans describe themselves as pro-life but support the death penalty? At least the Catholic Church, with its opposition to both abortion and the death penalty, is consistent.

Is it funny or sad that religious fanatics in the United States criticize Muslims for being, you guessed it, religious fanatics? Talk about the teapot calling the kettle black.

Is it funny or sad when Karl Rove criticizes President Obama for having an enemies’ list when the former aide to President Bush said in 2004 that anybody criticizing the invasion of Iraq was undermining national security?

Grassroots support for Proposition 19 in California, which would legalize marijuana, is very high. Is it funny or sad that the conservatives who oppose Prop 19 are the same people who criticize government for interfering in the private lives of individual citizens?

Funny or Sad should be on the shelves at Toys “R” Us by Christmas. Until then the only place you can play is here on the Thomas Jefferson Street blog at

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