Brad Bannon

August 2010

The Secret to Republicans’ Success: Do Nothing

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With 67 days left until Election Day, most observers give the GOP the edge in the midterm elections. What has the Party of Tea done to put itself in the driver’s seat so it can run the country into the ditch again?

After months of intense analysis, I have finally figured out the GOP secret for ...

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2012 presidential election
tea party
Boehner, John
global warming
health care
Democratic Party
Republican Party
2010 Congressional elections

Roger Clemens Indicted, But Does Anyone Care About Lying?

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Lies, damned lies and political lies. It was a big week for political lying. I mean, more so than usual.

The New York Times reports that the Department of Justice is about to indict former major league pitching star Roger Clemens for lying to Congress when he told a committee that he had never used ...

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Reagan, Ronald
Bush, George W.
Plame, Valerie
Blagojevich, Rod
Clemens, Roger
Libby, Lewis "Scooter"

Decisions on Prop 8, Arizona Immigration Law May Hurt Democrats

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Freedom isn't free. And support for civil liberties may cost Democrats at the polls in November.

One of the many problems facing Democratic candidates this fall is that potential Republican voters are much more energized than their Democratic counterparts. National surveys indicate that GOP ...

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tea party
Proposition 8
immigration reform
2010 Congressional elections
LGBT rights

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