Environmentalists, Stop Whining and Follow the Tea Party Example

As liberals, we can complain all we want about the Tea Party, but they made their voices heard.

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It has been five years since Hurricane Katrina devastated the the Gulf Coast and four years since Al Gore’s documentary An Inconvenient Truth demonstrated the dangers of global warming. And now thousands of Gulf Coast residents and small businesspeople are without their livelihoods because of BP’s big toxic dump in the ocean.

[See photos of the Gulf oil spill disaster.]

And how did the U.S. Senate react to this national emergency? Did the Senate rush to develop alternative sources of fuel that would end our dangerous reliance on petroleum products that destroy the environment and fatten the wallets of governments that support terrorism? No. The Senate stood still and did nothing when the safety and security of our nation demanded change.

There has been a lot of pissing and moaning in the environmental community. It’s easy enough to blame the Republican senators who do the bidding of the big oil lobbyists, but environmentalists like me should take a hard look at themselves.

As liberals, we can complain all we want about the Tea Party, but they made their voices heard. When conservatives got angry about healthcare reform, they packed the town hall meetings of Democratic members of Congress and scared the crap out of them. Their efforts paid off when Democrats dumped the public healthcare option.

Well I didn’t see any environmentalists show up at the town hall meetings of Republican senators to demand that they support comprehensive energy reform or else. Environmentalists. Don’t whine, organize.

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